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Bespoke Typesetting Services

Are you looking for typesetting services for your work? If you have a manuscript and would like it to be professionally typeset then we maybe able to help you.

We have worked hard at White Thread Press to achieve excellence in the presentation of our work. A number of years of research in typography has equipped us with the in-house expertise to undertake both English and Arabic typesetting. Our range of publications bear ample witness to this. We use the latest proprietary software for this purpose and have access to a range of high quality typefaces for both English and Arabic texts. Many of our typefaces include the diacritical characters (dotted H, D, S, T, Z, etc.) for proper and academic transcription of Arabic terms in English. A perusal through our titles Prayers for Forgiveness and Ghazali’s Beginning of Guidance will demonstrate our ability to beautifully typeset facing Arabic and English texts for dual language books while maintaining the overall aesthetic appearence of the page spread.

If you would like to request a quote for typesetting services please fill out the entire form to the best of your ability and submit it to us. If we feel we can take on your project we will respond with a quote and approximate completion time

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