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White Thread Press was first founded as Prudence Publications in the UK, with the publication of our highly acclaimed titles Reflections of Pearls and Fiqh al-Imam a decade ago. In 2003 the company moved to the USA with the new name White Thread Press (currently based in Santa Barbara, California) and has functioned ever since as a publisher of traditional Islamic texts. Its mission is to aid in the revival of the true heritage of scholarship in the Muslim Umma, and to fill the educational and spiritual needs of contemporary Muslims in the English-speaking world by presenting, in the English language, original works by contemporary scholars and translated classical texts of scholars past. To date, White Thread Press has republished its bestselling titles as well as a number of other texts.

The inspiration of the name White Thread Press is taken from verse 2:187 of the Holy Qur’an. It expresses hope for a new dawn with better days to come and longing for much needed illumination in our daily lives and in our world.

White Thread Press is committed to ensuring the highest academic standards for its publications, paying special attention to many details, among which the most important are accuracy and reliability of information and professional and aesthetically pleasing presentation, design, and typography. The fonts used in White Thread Press publications are carefully selected to reflect the nature of each book—from Renaissance, and Baroque to Neoclassical, Realist, and Postmodern typefaces, all acquired from the leading type foundries. Enhancements are made to incorporate diacritics for transliteration of Arabic and other foreign-language terms into English. Among other benefits, this allows for a sophisticated, accurate, and easy-to-read transliteration system when rendering Arabic prayers in English. White Thread Press uses the latest and most advanced industry software for both the English and Arabic typesetting and works with some of the leading US Book Manufacturers for printing. All books are printed on archival acid free paper that meets the guidelines for permanence and durability.

Despite all the costs involved, White Thread Press attempts to keep a balanced pricing system to ensure that books remain within reach of most people, as the primary purpose is to call others to Islam and make well-presented Islamic knowledge available to one and all.

White Thread Press management understands that they are in a niche market, where the customer base for Islamic religious works may only be a fraction of the total book market. Nevertheless, they hope that their efforts will be subsidized and a greater economic share be replaced by eternal rewards in the Hereafter. Only Allah can accept one’s endeavors and grant guidance and success.

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