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Love It 🙌🏻

I love everything about the kitab. May Allah ﷻ allow me to benefit it from it; reward the members of White thread Institute in this world and the Hereafter Ameen
جزاكم اللّٰه خيرا

The Noble Qur'an Translation - The Deluxe Edition

This copy is absolutely gorgeous. It is simply stunning, very high quality, and done with incredible Ihsan. This should become the go-to gift for special occasions, particularly weddings. Well-worth it, it's a treasure for me and my family masha Allah.

Fiqh al-Imam
Ali Bari
An important contribution to defend the tradition.

An immense effort from the author Mufti Saab to defend the tradition that goes back nearly 1,400 years amid the baseless attacks on madhabs in recent times.

So Glad I Found you

Title not available anywhere else, was despatched and delivered quickly, thank you White Thread Press!

An extremely insightful book

A thinking person's guide to our times is an extremely insightful book written by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad. It contains an in depth yet comprehensive insight into the Islamic world at large; its challenges and problems and their solution. This book articulates both global and inner crises which are explained in the most comprehensive and informative way. It's a must-have to understand the situation of the Ummah and the Muslim world at large, and to gain an in depth insight into today's problems, on a political, social, economic scale as well as a spiritual scale. Not only are the problems highlighted, but the solutions are also mentioned, eradicating the despair of hope. The change begins when the issue is known and the solution is highlighted, and this book does that very well.

Softening the Heart (NEW)
Abdul Sahmad Mughal
Fabulously written & deep & insightful

Brilliant read, an absolute must for this day & age where consumerism dictates our lives, freindships & priorities. Brilliantly articulates how you should strive to remove worldly distractions away from your life & focus on Allah swt

So Glad I Found you

Thank you White Thread Press - I could not find the books I was looking for anywhere else.
Reasonably priced and delivered quickly.
Many thanks to you, God bless you all.

Quality print of a classic work

Recently purchased, loved the print quality and binding. Translation is excellent. Highly recommend to increase love for the best of Allah's creation.

Ascent to Felicity
Nevres Dizdarić
Ascent to Felicity

Fenomenal book.

Excellent book

This book is really beneficial, by the comprehensive examples and links with the life of our prophet ﷺ it gives a good preview of what we are going to face as a couple (I’m not married yet). It is appropriate for both married and unmarried people because there are advices from the research of the spouse up until the journey of marriage. I advise you to purchase it really.

The Great Scholars of The Deoband Islamic Seminary

Full of Knowledge

Great book. Super comprehensive, insightful, and easily explained. Worth the purchase.

A must read for everyone

If there's one book that is spiritually awakening, it would be Imam Ghazali's 'Book of Counsels', for it yields not only the heart, but the mind and soul into submission of Allah Ta'ala, and creates a sense of Zuhd (Abstinence) within oneself. I would highly recommend everyone to read this book, especially for those who have a love for this world. It is one book that definitely brings a person closer to Allah Ta'ala after reading it.

Ascent to Felicity
Nofa Malla-Mohammed

Ascent to Felicity

Such a great book

I love that they added commentary on the authenticity of the sources on every single page.

Sharh Maʿāni al-Āthār

Allhumdullilah excellent for my son

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

Maa shaa allah!! A good book which has most important Duas. The quality of the book is very good, strong cover and book mark there to remind you where to restart from.

Saviours of Islamic Spirit - Tarikh-i Da'wat wa Azimat

Fantastic book, informative and opens your eyes to Islamic history

A thinking persons guide to Islam

Alhamdulilah easy read and informative book on Islam
Studying this at the moment as part of a study class, very beneficial
Highly recommend

Very informative

Very well written, very eye opening

All encompassing dhikr

This kitab is perfect for the needs of every Muslim man and woman in this world and the next.
Reciting the sections or even a page daily with focus and sincerity you will feel the benefits of it within yourself. You feel lighter and consciously aware of the Most High.
I came across this on YouTube at a time in my life where I was truly struggling.
I used to listen to it daily. The urge to read it for myself became stronger over the weeks. Alhamdulillah this has to be the most spiritually beneficial purchase I have made in a long time.

Also the size is perfect to take with you anywhere you go.
Good quality hardback and readability is excellent too.

The Khulasa
Ammad Qureshi
Short but sweet

The Khulasah picks a few hadith from the Shama'il of Imam Tirmidhi and provides key notes to explain. Some footnotes explain the features of the Shama'il and attempt to pick at the incredible mind that compiled the work. The Khulasah is a great introduction to the description of the most blessed and perfect of creations SAW.

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