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Alhamdulillah I have received my orders from WhiteThreadPress, shipping only took a few days from England to Australia, everything was packaged well!
These books are priceless and every household needs these books, the contents are a ocean of knowledge, I purchased most copies available for sale and some were multiples so I could give out to family and friends to benefit from... May Allah SWT be pleased with all involved in making this knowledge available to us, AMEEN!

Must read!

A must read for those wishing to understand the challenges of the modern day and the appropriate responses to them. Prince Ghazi summarises the crises that the Muslim ummah is going through in a manner that is accessible and understandable for non-specialists.

Why I Pray
javeria akhoon

Why I Pray

Prayers for Forgiveness - Pack of 10

Great book

The quality of the book is excellent, and obviously the contents of the book are just what every person needs.

Guidance (Bidayat al-Hidaya)

Excellent customer service,
Delivery on time,
Product of good quality,
Price is very fair, good value for price.
Content of book is amazing.
Definitely 5 stars review.


Amazing book

Highly recommend this book, very engaging and written in a tone suitable for teenagers and the new generation! Reading daily to my class alhamdulillah

Bought this for Ramadan 2022 and I’m happy الحمدلله
This along with the Quran videos on ZamZam Academy’s YouTube channel have been very useful.

Very happy!

Excellent. Invaluable and very well put together. jazakAllahu Khair

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

Must have book of duas

SubhanAllah, this Is a beautiful book. To appreciate its significance, please watch Mufti AbdurRahman ibn Yusuf’s video on YouTube explaining it. The size is great for carrying around. May Allah make us from amongst the consistent worshipers. Ameen.

Great gift for a couple

Bought this as a wedding gift. It comes with a small message card inside too. Nice quality kitab with very valuable guidance for both husband and wife. Also beneficial for anyone who has been married for a few years as a refresher.

Buy this book!

In fact, buy the whole series. H. R. H. Prince Ghazi has written books that everyone should read, whether they are Muslim or not. The language is clear and concise. The book itself is printed on quality paper and the text is typeset aesthetically. I bought the books upon recommendation by Mufti Mangera, and have been recommending them to family and friends.

Excellent Book

The book Alhamdulillah was very knowledgeable. I brought this book as a gift for my Ustaad. Would 100% recommend this book. Mashallah.

Helpful book for all situations

A nice easy to read resources which varied duas for a variety of situations

Great quality !

I ordered a total of 5 books and they’ve all come in great condition and the quality of prints are awesome.

The perfect companion

Purchased this to take to Umrah along with a few other resources. Alhamdulilah, this proved to be one of the best companions for such a trip.

A lot of consideration has gone into facilitating readability to the point where I found it reasonably easy to review this during tawaf.

It was greatly appreciated during blessed moments and provided a single location for those deep, meaningful duas and a comprehensive coverage of praises, Salat and salam and prayers for all needs.

Ascent to Felicity
Abdullah Bhana

Ascent to Felicity

Perfect size

Alhumdulillah very happy with this kitaab, hardcover, easy to hold and pray, good print and page quality

Excellent Books! Great Quality

Excellent customer service and shipping was quick!

Great books

Great books and great services, they reply promptly.

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

Great book

A mandatory read for everyone

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