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Perfect gift for Nikkah

Gifted for Nikkahs. Useful hadiths for married couples.

Perfect gift for Nikkah

Gifted for Nikkahs. Useful hadiths for married couples.

Allaahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Baarik ‘alayh

Bismillaahir RaHmaanir RaHim

— Where to begin?
This book is literally beyond words to describe.
Anyone who loves the book of Allah, and its recitation will no doubt enjoy reading this beautiful piece of work.
It’s so amazing to have in your hand, a book, written by one of the best qāris.
Words cannot explain how excited I was when I finally held this beautiful book in my hand.
May Allah bless every single letter written in the book, May He beautify it and May it be filled with nur and barakah for everyone.

Ya Rabb

To be able to benefit from Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil al- Hussary, May Allah have mercy upon his noble soul

Is just…
It’s such a Merciful opportunity gifted from Allah, jalla jallaaluh, which I hope every sibling will reach out to.
Alhamdulillah wal Shukr’u Lillāh

Jazzakum’u Llahu Khayran jazzā’ to everyone who participated in translating it, and allowing all of us fortunate siblings in the Ummah, to benefit.
This is really amazing and a huge huge blessing.
Alhamdulillah ya Rabb al- ‘Aalameen

My last word is.,
Make your intention and allow yourself to benefit by this great work.
And let it beautify your bookshelf in your home.


Highly satisfied
Thank you

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Great book

InshAllah this book will increase awareness and connect a person with the Kalamullah.

Ma Sha Allah!

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb, JazakAllah Khayra for the order! I absolutely love the books and delivered swiftly too. I highly recommend the book for anyone who loves duas. Perfect fo gifting.

With the Noble Qur’an (NEW)

Amazing book. I would recommend every muslim to read it.

Etiquette of the Learner

Amazing book full of important duas.

This the second time I ordered this book as after I received my first one, I thought many people could benefit from this knowledge. So I bought about 8 of them so I can gift them to my family and extended family. A great Eid present too.

With the noble Quran

It is an excellent book and a great addition to our book club. The book has been a means of inspiration during the concluding days of Ramadhan.

Ascent to Felicity
Abdul Maureedullah
Ascent to Felicity

Wa alakum salaam ,Alhamdulilah! The book from what I have been able to read ponder and reflect from the jewels this Author by Allah's mercy wisdom and love upon his servant.. Sheik Sharunbilalihi . The content pertaining the 5 pillars of Islam and goes deeper in descriptive explanations about the grave ,hearafter ,day of judgment e.t.c . SubhanAllah very meaningful and precious work for muslim to build and maintain their Iman InshaAllah . Jazakallahu khair

Great service.

Very quick and good delivery plus support

Brilliant MashAllah

Alhamdulillah, this is a very good book to gain a better understanding of our Akaabir. It definitely goes a long way in helping to strengthen the bond with them and value what they did for our deen. MashAllah it is well translated by Maulana Ismail


At first I was watching YouTube Al-Hizb al-A’zam with Sheikh ibn Yusuf Mangera I needed the book to read along, Allahamdallah this was a great purchase but a bit expensive maybe because I'm in the USA, it's a very useful book for a lifetime InshAllah

Fiqh al-Imam
Habib Bhuiyan

Very systematic and helpful to understand the problem

Must read

Reading from one of the best reciters of the book of Allah is very inspiring to try and follow his advice and inspiration

With the noble Qur'an...

Asalaamu alaykum to you all brothers and sisters. I recently purchased this gem (With the noble Qur'an book), and by the Lord of the Ka'ba! This book has enlightened me more about the Qur'an and the importance we should give to it. For me this book has caused me to review my relationship with the Qur'an. And Alhamdulillah I have benefited so far and I would recommend to the Believing men and women to read it, and create that healthy relationship with the Noble Qur'an. And finally, well done to those who put the effort to translate and publish this gem. JazakAllaah khayr to you all.

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

Have to buy

Amazing read

Purchased this book to read in itikaf to inspire me to read more Qur'an. Shaykh Hussay inspires one and beautifully describes how a person should interact with the Qur'an whilst reading. It's a well-balanced book with encouragement and warning to those who neglect the Qur'an and acting upon it. The book can become a bit dry near the end with the discussion on qiraat and beautifying the voice of you're not into the topic. Overall a great book. Another must-have for any Muslim bookshelf. Allah bless WTP for another great publication!

Fascinating insight into recitation of the Qur'an

Amazing book by arguably the most renowned Qari of our era.

Great little dua book

The book is a compilation of duas and optional prayers for any occasion. I appreciate the translation and transliteration included as it makes reading Arabic that much easier. I love it so much I keep it in my purse so I can read and memorize. I ordered 5 more to give as gifts for family and friends. Jazak Allah kheiran for this treasure.


Ma Shaa Allah, Alhamdulillah, White Thread Press' gift wrapping is beautiful. You genuinely don't feel like opening the wrapping. If it was not for the actual book, would not open the gift wrapping (and that's no exaggeration). Any book in their gift wrap makes the perfect gift!

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