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Brilliant translation with a design that motivates consistent reading.

May Allah accept the efforts of all those who helped put it together and make it a means for Muslims to understand Allah.


(The Book Of Wisdoms [Kitab al-Hikam with Ikmal al-Shiyam]

Highly recommend

Well organized, comprehensive, great type font

Great book.

Very nice little book. The calligraphy is beautiful.it is also good that there is the English translation and it's pocket size.

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

The Khulasa
Safiyya Aswat
Such a great book

Short n easy to understand. Really enjoying reading it

Fiqh al-Imam
Sairi Amir
Excellent book!

This is a great book that details the hadiths and explanations for the variation in prayers, with a focus on the Hanafi mazhab. Not convoluted, simple to understand and the writer has done a great job in extracting the key points and arguments 🙂

Ascent to Felicity
Naeem Akhtar
Excellent book

This is a great book for anyone wishing to perfect their daily worship and much more.

Life is short

A candidly written piece that makes you question your very existence and what you do with it. A life changer



Brilliant read - deeply insightful

Reflections of Pearls
Mohammed Ashraf Perager
Reflections of Pearls

Excellent and beneficial alhumdulillah

Salat & Salam In Praise of Allah's Most Beloved

One cannot go wrong by increasing the invocation of Blessing and Peace on the Prophet s.a.w.. The translation provided adds greater value to the work.

Al Hizb al A'zam

The collection of Daily Rememberance is quite well known. The new printing made it very much easier to read, easy on the eye. Handy pocket size.

70 estegfar review

Great booklet to get more meanings of estegfar, attributed to Hasan Basri.

Provisions for the Seekers

The book gives me, one who is 'entering the second childhood', to study Arabic and Hadiths. The knowledge gained would be usefull to interact with the 'busy' 'youths' of today.
May Allah bless all involved with this work.

Good booklet

Assalamo alaykum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatuhu.

A good booklet on a nawafil topic. Recommended.

Book review

Assalamo alaykum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatuhu wa magfiratuhu wa nooraho wa hudahu.
Good booklet, mashaAllah, like other from this publisher. Allahu barik.
Would be good to see more books on daily nawafils.


I’m writing this review as a single person and it was very easy to read and super concise. I really liked how the fiqh of marriage was blended in with the practical tips and real life examples both modern and during the time Nabi ﷺ. I would recommend single individuals to read this early because the more time you have to process this advice and ask questions the better.
This book has been written so that it can be read multiple times at different points in your marriage (before/during/after) and with your spouse. It’s very straightforward. I would read this book with an open mindset about the the roles of a husband and wife in marriage without allowing western ideas to affect your judgement. I would also read this book with the available videos on ZamZam Academy’s YouTube channel as they add richness to the book with their explanations.

A balanced view on marriage and an enjoyable read.

I would recommend it to everyone. Different chapters can help different people and their situations. I really enjoyed the style of writing and stories behind some of the points as well as the references from past scholars and sahaba stories I hadn’t heard.

Al-Hizb al-A’zam wa ‘l-Wird al-Afkham (Compact Edition)


This book is a gem. Having read it I feel more confident in my understanding of who the scholars of Deoband are and their role in protecting the faith of millions of Muslims. It is an honour to be part of a generation that was protected by Islam as a result of their sacrifices. The tradition of scholars of Deoband highlights the importance of understanding the Quran, Sunnah and Islamic sciences under the great elders and shaykhs so as to also gain spiritual purification and nurturing of our souls. May Allah allow us to have the correct etiquette when studying under our scholars so we may attain the maximum benefit and gain a better understanding of right and wrong to bring ourselves closer to Allah.

Qatf al-Azhār
Nabil Abdullah
Supremely helpful!

Alhamdulillah, excellent content and very helpful tips and information!!!

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