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Why I Pray
Excellent work

The author, Mufti Abdus- Subhan presents a brief overview and history of prayer, followed by common excuses and situations a believer finds themselves in throughout the day, concluding with advices for rectification and improvement towards steadfastness.

Awesome Purchase

All purchases were received on time.
Wasn’t disappointed on the contents and will surely keep recommending WTP to all seekers of knowledge.

Imam Ghazali's Book of Counsels

Excellent quality and service

I ordered multiple books in the US and they arrived very quickly. The print is very high quality. I’d definitely order again. The shipping cost to the US is a bit high and I feel they should do something about it. Either use a cheaper carrier or make a distribution center in North America. It will make it easier for people to buy iA

Salat and salam

Brilliant book Alhamdulilah. When you send salawaat on the prophet pbuh then Allah swa also sends blessings upon you. An important dua book that everyone must have in their collection!! I use it daily after reading Quran! Get it brothers and sisters. Also great quality, little pocket book perfect for taking on journeys

Alhamdulillah Best Purchase Ever!!!

Easy to understand
Great to learn from

The Path To Perfection - A Spiritual

Good book

Ascent to Felicity

Very good book well informed

Helpful diagrams. Jzk

Why I Pray
Adil Razik
Motivational and easy to read book

This book is very good as it is short and motivates one to pray the daily 5 prayers. Talks about the importance of prayer at the end there are 40 ahadith on the virtues of salat. I would definitely recommend this book.

Excellent work

I found all useful information about Salat at Tasbih including methods, evidence and guide. Highly recommend.

Radiant Prayers

Alhamdulillah I've already received the book. Radiant Prayers by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, published by Turath Publishing is a good book to read. It consists of 139 pages. Basically, this book's contents are all about supplication of Du'a. There are 6 sections which are Du'as from the Qur'an, Du'as of the Prophet, Du'as for optional Salah, Du'as for Hajj & 'Umrah, Sunnah Du'as, and daily routine du'as. The price is affordable. All I can say, it is a must read. Highly recommended for you to buy & read with your pure heart. ❤️ Thank you White Thread Press. Salam from Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Fiqh al-Imam
Zul Ahmad
Fiqh Al Imam

I feel its a must have for Hanafis, it reinforces our Salah in accordance with the Sunnah. With Clear Details & Proofs

The delivery was Prompt and in excellent condition
Double bubble wrapped plus in a water resistant envelope too


The publishers deserve a pat on their backs for a good book. The material used is Premium

Jazakallah Khair

Ascent to Felicity - Pack of 10

Hard cover

I wish this book is hard cover after all that work they did .
Book is like a tree you planted for others too,
Because can leave over 1000 years .

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

Islamic Guide to Sexual Relations

Marriage Guidance Bundle

The Beginning of Guidance

Absolutely essential for any Muslim

Grateful for Such a Masterpiece

This supreme collection of duas will bring you into conversation with your Lord, manifesting a powerful form of worship. I am immensely grateful that White Thread Press has produced such a powerful work in such a beautiful form (and grateful for their other efforts at bringing a treasure trove of Islamic gems into print). May Allah swt reward them for their supreme efforts and may He reward everyone who seeks to draw nearer to Him. Amin.

The History of The Quranic Text, from Revelation to Compilation

Fantastic. Could not find a used copy of this anywhere, found a brand new copy here. SubhanAllah.

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

The books were delivered quickly in excellent condition.

Spiritual nourishment from the meadows of the righteous.

This is a very nicely produced translation. of Imam Nawawis famous classic in abridged form - a joy to behold!. It is one of those books, one would hope to find in every english-speaking muslim household. A wonderful translation and very
useful commentation.

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