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I needed this book for online course,

Received the book before the course was supposed to start, good service.

Very beneficial little book

Provides the Arabic and English matn of the hadeeth. Commentary is brilliant. The print is a bit faded on some pages, hence the 1 star knocked off the rating. Would recommend.

Riyadus Saaliheen

Amazing purchase. It was way bigger than what I thought it would be. The quality is first class. The text is clear to read with sufficient amount of explanation. Perfect for the family.

The Absolute Essentials of Islam

MashaAllah Great Quran Copy

The Arabic is so easy to read then translation has been made easier for laymen (not use of thou or other old English term) then the tafsir notes complements the translation. Reading this quaran is more engaging than only reading the Arabic Quran. May Allah reward Mufti Taqi usmani for his work and others who were part of this project.

Excellent book

Great book puts everything into perspective ckearly divides culture and islam , a must read for every new and present marriage,

A Must Have

Really really good book.

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

A conise and easy read on Tasawwuf (spiritual Journey) for the English readers. Explaining the spiritual illnesses and cures with advices. Also, an amazing summary of the two great teachers of Tasawwuf, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanawi and Maulana Masihullah Khan.

Extremely Satisfied.

The Book Of Wisdoms [Kitab al-Hikam with Ikmal al-Shiyam]

Excellent read, would.definitely recommend to all those looking to get married giving you the tools you need to have a healthy marriage

Changed my life

This book of prayers for forgiveness has changed my life. Reciting these prayers every day has now become a daily routine and I am content and at peace. Very powerful and would definitely recommend

Soul captivating

A book which Imam al-Ghazali penned with great insight into the human soul, chapters which cover many aspects of refining and rectifying the human soul. Imam Ghazali brings in quotes from great figures and icons such as Ali RA and Isa AS. I haven’t completed the book yet but it looks very promising and most certainly good value for your money. I thank the translator and the publisher for allowing this great work to be made available to the English speaking world and May God reward them.


A brilliant book to be read both by people which are married and people looking for marriage. An essential read, would definitely recommend.

Introduction to Tasawwuf

The Path to Perfection is a wonderful introduction to the origins and concept of Tasawwuf, a much maligned branch of the shari’ah.

It delves into the character of the one seeking as well as the one guiding, highlighting blameworthy traits and how to rid them, and the ennobling actions one should strive to inculcate.

Finally the book concludes with a small biography of Mawlānā Ashraf 'Alī Thānawī رحمه الله

Lovely and concise book. Very interesting genre.

Sufism & Good Character

Great Book! Highly Recommended.

Well structured book, covers a lot of duas. Is split into days to make it easy to cover in a week. Would recommend.

A brilliant read

Thought provoking and very insightful.

Gift wrap

Great gift wrapping service.

Marriage Guidance bundle

The two kitabs in this bundle serve as a comprehensive guide to marriage. I purchased this bundle as a gift and the recipient found it very useful.

An Amazing guide for every Muslim

Its a must have essential book for every Muslim. As my native language is Russian, i was looking to have a guide with all necessary information to be a knowledgeable Muslim and also been able to explain for my kids. I bought quite a few books from White Thread Press and i think its the best investment. May Allah SubHana wa Taala bless everyone who works in White Thread Press and give them prosperity. Ameen

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