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Great books with high quality

I ordered more than 7 books, which were all delivered in safe Box. Love the quality of the books, ماشاء الله تبارك الله

An Essential Read

I am in a course from the Suhba Seminary and the Aqida section for year one Al Fiqh Al Akbar really easy to read and the information is a revelation for me- highly recommended - urge everyone to check out the Suhba Seminary

Al hizb al azam

Amazing dua kitaab. I brought after seeing it on zamzamacademy YouTube and knew that this is something I needed. The design and aesthetics of the book make it something that you want to read and I love the gold on the edges. May Allah accept all the efforts in the making of this book and reward you in this world and the next.

Madinah book

This is a excellent book. For each place there is a code that you can scan too and veiw on goole maps for the location if visiting madinah munawwarah. Also great for ziyarat and has description about each place. Would definitely recommend.

Amazing Read

A really amazing book Subhanallah, great read and definitely recommend, especially for the overthinkers out here


Very nicely packaged and clean! Tight too.

A summarised essentials

This is a summarised book about about essentials islam in hanafi school perspective. Thank you

Fiqh al-Imam
Rafi Rafsanjani
A comprehensive book

This is a comprehensive book about proof in Hanafi Fiqh and the authenticity of the madhab also it's methodology. Thank you


Alhamdulillah a truly blessing to recite each portion daily and now to understand the arabic is quite amazing. Great work by Mufti Abdur-Rahman DB, May Allah bless him & everyone involved in the work taken to bring the translation to life. This kitaab is a must.

A must have!

Amazing dua book, covers almost every dua a person can think of.
Beautifully designed - the print and binding is of pristine quality.
I humbly recommend to watch Mufti Abdurrahman Mangera’s introduction to this book on YouTube as it helps give a deeper insight into the book and the author.

Superb companion and print quality is great

I have the new version and the last Arabic only version if read daily which after a few months one becomes quite fluent now with translation is a added bonus
Print and binding is of the highest quality and reciting is a pleasure
Only thing I could say is the translation is of very high standard of English for a lay person to grasp so maybe a few sessions of commentary online of the book by mufti saheb would make it even more spiritually enhanced for a lay person I recommend people to buy this gem of a kitab for yourself and gift it to others it will be a good investment for akhirah

Excellently translated and explained

Excellently translated and explained

A Must Read!

Subhan Allah! I love this book (the design and colors, even the side-by-side Arabic and English) and read it everyday, and I recommend everyone to read it everyday. This book helps us to grow closer to Allah and attain taqwa, and to be mindful of our actions in this world. May Allah bless those behind this book. Ameen.

Alhamdulillah for this little book!

Alhamdulillah for this book! It's small and can be carried around and read any time. I recommend at least once a day, in sha Allah. May Allah bless those behind putting together this tiny, but mighty book. Ameen.


I cannot praise this book enough. Beautiful Duas, extremely beautiful print and highest quality of paper and workmanship blended with amazing translation on the adjoining page so that you can easily glance across without significantly interrupting your litany and Duas.
Jazaakumullahu Khairan
Thank you all for this wonderful work and thank you Mufti Saheb for your translation, very intelligent design and the entire project.
I wish this was readily available from a US vendor as well

subhan allah .. alhumdulillah.. allahu akbar

alhumdulillah .. i am so much blessed .. masha allah mufti abdur rehman saheb has beautifully designed it .. it is so much helpful for the reciters to know the meaning of each word translated in english .
insha allah i would highly recomend to get this spritually blessed book and get abundance of rewards from our rabb..
may allah bless mufti saheb and the whole team abundantly ameen..
dua ki darqwasth..
jazakallahu khairan.

Life of the Grave

I am happy that I bought this book. It reminds me of death. It is written from a "modern" perspective. It lightens the soul and is necessary.

Thank you

May Allah reward you all absolute goodness in this life and the next

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

Great book so far, I’ve listen to Mufti lectures a couple years now and gain alot knowledge from his khutbahs in the pursuit of becoming a better muslim Alhamdulilah,

In sha Allah this will help me to become a great spouse one day when i become one in sha Allah.

I recommend it highly!


A beautiful piece of art. Great attention to the fine details in terms of text, translation and layout.
May Allah accept the efforts of those who took part in this monumental masterpiece.
I would really love to have purchased more copies to gift each of my family members- though I'd have to wait until I financially can.
Without doubt one of the most elegant published books to date.

A Must-Have for Parents

Stories of the Prophets is a staple for your reference bookshelf - every household should have a copy. It contains the detailed background information you’ll need to answer your kids’ questions about the Prophets (peace be upon them all) as they become more engaged with the meaning of the Quran, inshallah. These are their true heroes (peace be upon them), and learning what they were like and what they went through is so exciting and powerful for children if we can tell the stories in the right way. That’s where this new rendering is brilliant, mashallah, as it presents Ibn Kathir’s classic work in a more flowing narrative format. It’s also really helpful for women especially to have the Quran excerpts separated from the main text so the book can be used (carefully) throughout the month. Jazakallahu kheir for everyone involved in the publication and distribution of this work.

i had a lot of questions and insecuritys now i feel and i know a lot more.
Barakallahu feekum

Supremely Excellent

Top quality on all materials used, clearest of fonts and pages, love the small elegant details, alhumdullilalh for everything, 100% recommend purchasing this kitaab and let the zikr of the Almighty illuminate your heart

Mandatory book

This book is a must for pilgrims who are going for Hajj and Umra!


A beautiful text to increase your love for Allah (swt) and live a life of purity, consistency, and steadfastness. This is one to peruse slowly and reflect on.

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