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Highly recommend

Excellent for all newly married couples or people looking to get married. Definitely recommend.

Very beneficial

A well written book clearly explaining how relatives and loved ones can continue to support the beloved that have passed away.

Can't complaing much. Excellent!

A gem for all Believers

I discovered this wonderful gem by accident. It is a treasure to read each day after Fajr or any time you are inspired. It also make a perfect gift.

Beautiful books

Well laid out and structured.
Text is beautifully presented. Little gems to adorn on your bookshelf.

Handbook of a Healthy Muslim Marriage

Amazing Book and service

This is an excellent book and the service received by White Thread press was brilliant.

Healthy marriage

Great books of knowledge for anyone who is of age to get married or married couples who are wanting to learn and grow together. May Allah swt benefit us all with useful knowledge. Ameen

Excellent introduction to the 4 Madhabs

As someone who comes from another school of thought not attached to the 4 Schools of thought I wanted to learn from those with knowledge. The book is short but very concise and it had a few examples that would illustrate how the Imams would have subtle differences in opinions which were recommended but not known known. For example if your wudu breaks by a woman walking in front of you or not?
So it was good to learn my only negative is that I wished the author finished the book in its entirely and delved further in but I understand he was probably busy. Also I wish the conclusion of closing remarks was longer as at the end he just touched upon the Hanafi madhab

Eye Opening

The book was well written and it followed a good course from before marriage to during and after marriage with varying hadiths and quotations and poems from differing figured and a nice array of valuable insights by the author in personal cases he's attended. It's a concise book and answers many questions people have. I feel the book could have been much longer and easily had more experiences. Thank you may god bless you

Amazing book

Shipment came on time and there was no damage. The book its self is amazing, a book with real applicable advice in terms of your daily routine and dua’s from the proof of Islam. Highly recommend for any one who wants to go on the spiritual path

Provisions for the Seekers (Zad al-Talibin)

Best trading books

Very easy to read and understand an answer to many questions by Muslims.

Just started Reading the book . The dtarting is eye catching Alhamdullillah. The elaboration on Arabic Ayat is inyeresting and something one can apply to their day to day life

Speedy delivery and great prices.

Books arrived quickly, in good condition, and at a good cost.

Beautifully translated

Anything by Shaykh Faraz has to be excellent. I would have loved the translation to have included the Arabic text.
Very happy with the order arriving within expected time frame


Beautiful and enlightening

Very Good Book On Hanafi School Of Thought

Got recommended this book as part of a course. Very good book, and gives thorough understanding off the Hanafi School of thought, especially when there is a lot confusion these days and some people try to downplay the fantastic work of Imam Abu Hanifa

Fantastic Handbook guide

Clearly layed out in a thoughtful manner, definitely would recommend

Path to Perfection

Alhamdulillah a very informative and inspiring book. I highly recommend it.

One of my favorite islamic books

My opinion is nothing but positive for imam Ghazali's this work. It covers broad list of topics from different aspects of a person's life, such as rituals, purity of the heart, family, friendship relations etc. Definitely recommend for everyone!

One of my beloved books on the topic

Alhamdulillah that I got this book after a long story with returning and reordering processes 😁. I'm grateful that I'd read this book before I got married.
As for the book, it covers almost all aspects of a family life according to islam. No matter, married you are or not, you definitely find it useful. Jazakallahu khayr, mufti Abdur Rahman and whitethreadpress team. And also highly recommend videos of mufti on YouTube on this topic👍

An intriguing read, amazing book.

My mind has opened up since reading this book. Many of the questions and misconceptions i had about marriage were answered, it is written in a very honest and realistic way, without any biases. I strongly recommend any married or potential married people to read this as it covers various topics and is detailed enough and easy to comprehend. May Allah reward the author Mufti mangera.

Marriage handbook

Alhumdullilah arrived on time.
Packaging was air tight.
Good value for money
Great insight with deeper explanations.
Suited for married and non-married couples.
Ideal gift .

Perfect Gift

This is the second dozen I have purchased,ideal to give to friends and family.
Highly recommend for those who are looking to get married or even those who are married.
The book is of good quality and well put together.

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