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Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari

(Shaykh Mufti) Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari is a traditionally trained scholar who studied in different parts of the world. Born in Leicester, UK in 1976 and raised under the guidance of his illustrious father, Shaykh Mawlana Adam, he started learning about Islam from a very young age. He memorized the Holy Qur’an at a very tender age of 9.

At the age of 12, he enrolled into one of the famous Islamic institutions in Britain, Darul Uloom in Bury, and studied the Arabic Language and various other Islamic Sciences under many Shuyukh notably, Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Motala (A great scholar of Hadith & Tasawwuf, and the senior disciple of the famous Shaykh Muhammad Zakariyya al-Kandahlawi). He received Ijazas in various books including the six major books of Hadith. He also took part in a one year course of specialization in fiqh (Ifta).

After graduating from the Dar al-Uloom, he travelled to Karachi, Pakistan, where he studied under one of the greatest living Scholars, Shaykh Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani (Vice Chairman, International Islamic Fiqh Academy, Jeddah) and others.

In the year 2000, he travelled to Damascus, Syria, where he increased in experience and knowledge by studying under the great Ulama of Sham ( Syria). Among those from who he has Ijazah are Shaykh Abd al- Razzaq al-Halabi and Shaykh Doctor Abd al- Latif Farfur al-Hasani.

His works include The Issue of Shares, Birth Control & Abortion, Simplified Rules of Zakat, The Importance of Growing a Beard (Arabic) and Discussions in the beliefs of Ahl al-Sunnah (Arabic).

He presently resides in Leicester, UK, where he teaches students the various Sciences of Islamic Knowledge at Jamiah Uloom al-Qur’an, and helps people with their queries and problems with the Darul Iftaa.

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