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The Book of Wisdoms

Muslim religious life consists not only of belief in orthodox tenets of faith and a determined effort to follow the Sacred Law, but it also requires one to scale the heights of Islamic...

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Latest Publication

Ascent to Felicity

Written by the eminent 11th century Hanafi scholar, Abu ’l-Ikhlas al-Shurunbulali, Ascent to Felicity is a concise yet comprehensive primer in creed and jurisprudence. It spans all...

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Blog Entry

New Course: Uncovered Pearls on the Lawful and Prohibited II

ZamZam Academy is offering a new course taught by Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Nahlawi’s Uncovered Pearls on the Lawful and Prohibited (Kitab al-Hazar wa ‘l-Ibaha) A Truly Beneficial and...

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Fiqh al-Imam

On Taqlid and the Hanafi Interpretation of the Prophetic Statement:”Pray as You Have Observed Me Pray.” In recent decades many attacks have been launched against the concept of...

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